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Trattoria Fasana Croatia

Trattoria Fasana is located on riva in Fazana, not far from the city of Pula and the islands of Brijuni.

About Us

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Trattoria Fasana is located on riva in Fazana, not far from the city of Pula and the islands of Brijuni.

The authentic ambience of one of the oldest restaurant in Fažana offers you a taste of traditional Istrian cuisine and Mediterranean specialties. On our spacious terrace you will enjoy the sea view and the setting Sun,enjoy with us in the gastro adventure.

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Trattoria Fasana
Trattoria Fasana
Trattoria Fasana

Good food

One of our best recommendations is truly delicious food for all cuts

For everyone by something

Friendly staff

Always smiling and pleasant staff will make your day look good

Smile has no price

Beautiful view

On the shores of the Adriatic sea you can enjoy the view of the sea and all the benefits that the Adriatic Sea provides

The view everyday

Special Proposes

taste something new


Our Dishes

perfect taste

Istrian ham
Sheep cheese
Teller sardellen
Vegetable soup
Tomato soup
Octopus salad
Salmon carpaccio
Beefsteak with truffles
Beefsteak in green pepper
Beefsteak with mushrooms
Beefsteak metrodotel
Grill mix
Meat plate for 2 person
Pork meddalions with cheese sauce
Pork meddalions with mushrooms
Istrian plate
Hamburger meat with cheese
Chicken grill steak
Wiener steak
Mixed shells
Kalamari frittiert
Kalamari vom grill
Squid in white wine sauce
Fish plate for 2 person
1. class fish
Grilled shrimps
Gnocchi mit goulasch
Ravioli with truffles
Ravioli 4 formaggi
Spaghetti bolognese
Spaghetti carbonara
Spaghetti seafood
Istrian pasta with ham and rucola
Istrian pasta with truffles
Vegetarian risotto
Risotto with seafood
Black risotto with cuttlefish
Mix salat
Capresse salat
Salat with tuna and cheese
Greek salat
Chicken salad
Taglich geback

Our Kitchen

Enjoying all the senses.

The kitchen is the place we are most proud of and for which we have been working for years. Our kitchen has its own identity and our guests are recognized for the quality and originality of the recipes we have built over the years through the testing of customer satisfaction and monitoring the market trends of food and beverages.

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why we best

We pay special attention to the part of serving and serving food and drinks.

Everyday fluctuation of a large number of guests requires skilled and experienced staff who will with the highest professionalism meet to meet the numerous daily requirements and questions of guests. We try to ensure that each guest is served in the same way and that the satisfied one comes out of our area and brings with him good impressions